The Smart-Launcher Ecosystem was built to provide investors with a more simplified way to find safe investment opportunities. In this ever-changing world of cryptocurrency, we face challenges when seeking these opportunities due to the thousands of scams that are out there.
Every day, new tokens are released with one selfish goal in mind—to steal as much money from innocent people as possible. This makes it extremely difficult to make an educated decision on an investment because these scammers are getting better and better with each attempt.
You often hear, “do your own research”, and this often means to view the website, read the WhitePaper, check the contract, etc. Unfortunately, people have nearly perfected the system, and are wising up with their scam approaches by creating quick websites that make the token look legit to draw in innocent victims. They are typing up two paragraph WhitePapers to describe a false use case, and people are falling for it. That’s not always enough to make people believe, so they write up a nearly flawless contract that the normal investor won’t be able to detect defects.
That’s why Smart-Launcher is making a huge play to this space, and we plan to make a change to these problems that investors face. Smart-Launcher will be the leading platform with functionality across all blockchains that support smart contracts. Not only will we launch our own contracts with different use cases, but we will also cut out a lot of the work for investors when they are seeking a safe opportunity to invest in projects outside of our ecosystem by providing only safe and reliable contract calls.
Current Projects
Smart-Launcher plans to be a leader in safe contract deployment. Every token or project that we release will always be checked, double checked, triple checked, and verified. Devs and Team Leads will always be doxxed, as we only wish to provide 100% transparency in everything we do. These projects will usually be launched directly from our ecosystem, unless a pre-launch agreement has been made with another contract developer. There will be two segments in this article: Long Term Investments and Short Term Gains. We will explain each one individually so investors can understand how and why we came up with this structure.
Long Term Investments
Long term investments will be providing established tokens and projects that have surpassed a specific milestone. This will generally include a market cap goal, number of holders, and consistent volume. These goals may vary from token to token, based off performance, use case productivity, and other factors. For investors that are in for a long term hold situation with consistency, we recommend projects listed in here.
Short Term Gains
When a token or project launches from our ecosystem or one of our agreements with a contract developer, they will be moved to this section within 48 hours post-launch. They will generally be low market cap, low holders, and have not yet reached the milestones needed to become classified as a Long Term Investment. Please be advised that contracts listed in Short Term Gains can be extremely volatile and should be considered high risk. However, the opportunity to be “early” is very high, and the profit margins can have much more potential.
Upcoming Launches
When Smart-Launcher is preparing for a contract deployment, we will provide updates and announcements to give our investors time to research the token or project. These tokens or projects will typically be from within our own ecosystem, unless an agreement has been made with a verified contract developer. Initially, we will have three segments to describe particular launch types we will provide: Fair Launch, Stealth Launch, and Private/Pre-Sale.
Fair Launch
A fair launch happens when investors are given adequate time to find any information regarding the token or project. Every investor will have an equal opportunity to invest at the same time, with not one person having an advantage. When we announce in this section, we will provide updates leading up to the launch including website, WhitePaper, RoadMap, tokenomics, and the contract as it gets closer to deployment. These types of launches will have anti-bot/snipe implementations to help ensure a safe launch and decrease launch volatility that we often see.
Stealth Launch
Stealth launches are going to be released well, stealthy. This means that at any given moment without notice, a contract can be released for a token or project. This is the ultimate security measure and will provide an equal opportunity for any investor to get in—as long as they are checking. Stealth launches will only be posted in this section of the website, rather than a social media platform, to further prevent bots from attacking the launch. This will also allow for organic growth, and not just an immediate hype, pump and dump, or any other tactics that make start-ups fail. Smart-Launcher will not provide any website links, token names, tokenomics, or any other information until the contract is verified and live for public dispersion. At that time, it will be up to the investor to do their due diligence, to make an informed decision to participate.
Smart-Launcher will be pleased to announce tokens or projects with a more goal driven use case in this section. A private sale occurs when there are special marketing strategies necessary for start-up, and typically result a discounted or “tax-free” price from the public contract release. A Pre-Sale is similar to a private sale, but is usually a public event that allows investors to get in not only at a discount, but allows for initial liquidity to be accumulated for a more successful launch with much less volatility.
Promotions, Sponsorships, and Partnerships
Smart-Launcher understands that there are many great projects in the crypto space, so we will be hosting promotional features for other developers. It is not our intention to lead investors to believe that only projects within our ecosystem are legit or safe, therefore we will be offering support to many projects outside of our own. This will not only help them, but help Smart-Launcher as well. As we direct investors to these projects, they re-direct other investors back to us.
All promotions, sponsorships, and partnerships will be safe, verified, and researched before any listings on our platform. This is to ensure that investors have confidence that they are making the right decision.
With providing such services to other projects, we will be able to maintain funding for website updates, upgrades, and special features that will be announced as they come available. These funds may also be used to provide initial liquidity for tokens or projects launched within our ecosystem, as well as website development, art, and marketing for said projects.
Smart-Launcher Team Members
We want to provide the most professional services we possibly can for our investors. Becoming a team member for Smart-Launcher will involve a doxxing for security purposes. When we bring someone into the team, they will be required to provide information that will help us reach them. This is for the safety of not only the assigned project, but the investors and involved team as well.
All positions will be a job-for-job basis, and nothing is guaranteed to be permanent, nor paid. Team members will be rewarded based on their performance and activity. As we have stated, Smart-Launcher wants only the most professional team, and provide the absolute best services within our capabilities.
Contact Us
Smart-Launcher pledges to be completely transparent to our investors, team members, and supported projects teams. If for any reason there are concerns about a member/investor, team member, or project, we encourage you to contact us via email, or you can send a private message through any of our social media accounts. We will not tolerate harassment, threats, or any derogatory events toward any person or group.
If you have suggestions or ideas for a future project, please contact us on the website and we will review it for discussion. Any requests for promotional offers should also utilize this feature to ensure a professional form of terms is made.
We insist that you do your own research, and never make an investment decision solely on our reviews or promotions. Our investment decisions should never be taken as financial advice, as no one person in crypto has the ability to predict the market. Any loss of funds, deteriorating investments, or declining price actions are not our responsibility. You are entirely in charge of your decisions to invest, and Smart-Launcher will not be held accountable.