Contact Us for Inquiries About Promotions, Sponsorships, and Partnerships


Interested in a Promotion, Sponsorship, or Partnership?
Smart-Launcher aims to be the #1 place for investors to find the most safe and reliable projects across all blockchain platforms. We are dedicated to providing our investors with verified contracts with less risk to them. Of course, we know there is always a risk, but we will present them with only the best and most clear projects as we see fit. Below is a breakdown of the levels of promotions we will provide with our supported projects.
A promotion through Smart-Launcher will allow you to have a banner on our Promotions page, as well as an occasional shout in our Telegram promo channel. Prices may vary based on frequency and banner type/size. We will conduct a full assessment on the project and team before any offers are made. Please see our contact link at the bottom of the page.
Having a sponsorship with Smart-Launcher is an excellent way to give our investors a better understanding to what your project will be able to provide them. Sponsorships will be posted in the Sponsorships Page, and will include the following:
1. Logo
2. Project Name
3. Your project objective/description
4. A detailed review of your project
5. Links to Website,Telegram, and your primary Social Media platform
On top of this, you will also receive a more frequent shout in our Telegram promo channel. You may also request to have your information pinned in this channel, for an added fee. Contact us with your request and we will discuss terms and offers.
This is the cream of the crop for our promotional services. A Partnership is for the most serious projects, and the safest investments. Any Partnerships will be only from well established projects, and a full review will be conducted to give our investors absolute peace of mind.
A Partnership with Smart-Launcher will include everything mentioned above, posted in our Partnerships Page, as well as:
1. Full time pin in our Telegram promo channel
2. Links to ALL Social Media platforms
3. A link to the chart of your choice, as well as a link to the preferred DEX/Swap platform.
5. A complete review and detailed assessment of your project, as well as a message from you to potential investors.
As a Partner, you will also have your logo and name on our home page. This will allow for maximum exposure through Please contact us to discuss terms and contract agreements.