About Us

Who are we and what we plan to achieve

The crypto space has become so cluttered and flooded with scams, rugpulls, and honeypots, that it has become increasingly difficult to make a smart investment decision. Every day, hundreds of new tokens and projects are launched with unverified, untrustworthy, and otherwise ‘anonymous’ creators.
We find ourselves having to sift through several social media outlets in hopes to find our next gem. Most will find that these outlets and platforms just can’t be trusted, because these scam artists are coming up with new and improved strategies to steal our money. That’s why we decided to build a one stop platform to put an end to it. We introduced to you: Smart-Launcher.
The Smart-Launcher Ecosystem was created for investors, by investors. We share the same ideas and needs as the rest of the world– to seek safe investment opportunities that will allow us more financial freedom and better meet goals for our future, as well as our current lives.
We believe that success is only achieved through complete transparency and honesty. That is why we will have an open door policy in which investors may address any concerns or suggestions through the website or social platforms.
We will not be hiding our identity, and each of the projects that we support will be run by a fully doxxed team, as well as a full research and background check to ensure we are only working with the best.
You’re investment is our investment. If we don’t feel safe with a project or team member, we simply will not list them. Each and every project supported or promoted will include an investment from Smart-Launcher Ecosystems.
If we come across a project we feel is being secretive or untrustworthy, we will pull them from our listing immediately, as well as our investment. If you see that they are no longer supported on our website, then just know that we no longer feel it is a safe project, and we will be sure to give our investors notice.